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Q&A Fitout Planner Guide

Our FREE Q&A Fitout Planner Guide reveals crucial questions you absolutely MUST ask before you get started.

Whether you're moving into new premises, expanding your practice, renovating or refurbishing your clinic, our free Q&A Fitout Planner Guide gives you insight into crucial issues that many business owners overlook, including:


  • Local authority approvals
  • Compliance with building code and disabled access requirements
  • Accurate planning of plumbing and electrical needs to suit your equipment
  • A design which supports infection control procedures and minimises noise and odour transfer
  • Dealing with downtime during the construction process.


In our 30+ year history, we've helped hundreds of businesses to successfully design and fitout new premises, or refurbish their existing site.  Now you can benefit from our extensive knowledge and experience and have the attractive, comfortable and (above all) functional practice you desire!


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